Songs, just songs

by Kevin Savino-Riker and friends

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If I wrote it for no other reason than "I want to write a song" then this is where it goes.


released March 1, 1981

Kevin Savino-Riker
Joe Farnsworth




Kevin Savino-Riker Anaheim, California

Hi, I'm a full-time day-job kinda guy who writes eclectic music on the side. I gig occasionally, I participate in songwriting contests when the mood strikes, and he sometimes speaks in the third person.

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Track Name: Kevin Savino-Riker (Feat. Joe Farnsworth) - Bluedoor Orange Morning
I've got all this time on my hands
A precious commodity I don't know how to spend
But I feel that's a vice that should end
And I get that feeling again and again and again and again

That's why my point of view
Needs to be replaced by something new
All I need is some inspiration
Guess what? I'm inspired by you

Student, teach me
Teacher, learn from me
What can I say? All I can say
Is "Thank you"

I knew you would give me a lift
I had a knack for things, but you had the gift
You've been such a shining friend
I'm confusing to some, but you understand

No songs would be borne from my pen
If you hadn't first shown me the way
Now I write many songs for myself
But this one is for you today

You didn't know your worth until your rebirth
You went away and found yourself that day
I always knew it, that you'd make it through it
What can I say? All I can say
Is "I told you"

You turned into a star
And we both found friendships that were stronger than ours
But I promise wherever we are
At least in our thoughts
We won't be too far, no we won't be too far
Of course, there is so much ahead
And we ought to look to our futures instead

But that doesn't mean that our paths won't collide
And I'll have my dear friend back by my side
(It's not the end, we'll meet again, yeah
But I'm waiting for the day, what can I say?)

I miss you
Track Name: Cloud 9 Overcast
I step outside, I squint and shade my eyes
Despite the fact I realize that the sun's not shining
The clouds in my eyes defy the lies that you told me:
Little white lies with a pretty silver lining

Babe, I love your face but you're so goddamn vain
And now my soul is overcast and it's starting to rain
I should've swam to shore but I'm still begging for more
And I'm about to drown in this emotional downpour

But maybe together, we can change the weather

I'm so afraid of my flaws and problems they may cause
But my presumption of you gives me cause to hide my fears
Among all these clouds, these misty vapor shrouds
As they hang in the air just like uncried tears

I'm beginning to think that the storm wouldn't last
Because the news I get from you includes a fortunate forecast
Of whether or not you will be all mine
But I won't mind the lack of sun 'cause I'll be on Cloud 9

And maybe together, we can change the weather
Baby, together we can change the weather